Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Etsy Shop thefrogbag

This Etsy shop owner has one hell of an interesting bio. Thefrogbag is one busy woman. I had a peek around her shop today and she has some very exquisite pieces of jewelry, and the patients she must have for working with those tiny seed beads. On top of this she is also a writer who makes graphic novels. (Um can I say I think I found my new hero.) Talk about talent. Thefrogbag had her first graphic novel published this year. What a great accomplishment.

Here is thefrogbag's bio straight from her own words. "I'm a zoo keeper by day, crafter and writer by night. I share my home with four cats, a dog, two birds, a rabbit and a brilliant illustrator. I have a passion for conservation, tapirs, frogs, and beads. Heathentown, my first graphic novel, was published in early 2009. My creations are available at www.thefrogbag.etsy.com , where I donate 20% of each sale to tapir conservation. This weekend I'll be at the Long Beach Comic Con with Gabriel Hardman, who illustrated Heathentown. We'll be at booth 74A."

I recommend that if you live in the area you should take some time and go meet her. It is not everyday you get a chance to meet a fellow artist from etsy in person. I can almost guarantee that the conversation will be interesting. I could only imagine the creativity wheels turning in her mind. ( I am going to have to put the word out to my family that I want her graphic novel for Christmas.)

Below are thefrogbag's pictures of  favorites listed in her Etsy shop.

This is the graphic novel Heathentown.

Frog Bracelet

beaded bottle

kitty toy

If you are unfortunate and can not make it out to Comic Con this weekend you can still vist thefrogbag on the web. If you click on her highlighted name (thefrogbag) anywhere in this post you will be taken to her etsy shop. You can also find thefrogbag on twitter  or her facebook page.


TheFrogBag said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful spotlight here! I'm truly honored!

SmileyMoo said...

I love TheFrogBag's shop. Truly a great etsian! :)