Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whimsical Etsy Shop.

I found this adorable mystical shop while in the fourm on etsy and I just love is a very unique shop her whimsical dolls are fantastic. They are perfect to go along with the fairy tales you read to your kids of to collect as a set. They would make great Christmas gifts for any age.

I asked for a short bio and this is what she said "I make hand-sewn, ooak fantasy art dolls, and do some collage/mixed media work.

I live in NC, and am currently a college student. I have had a love for art and making things since I was very young, and was able to foster this love and really grow as an artist throughout highschool (I was home schooled - yay for free time and independent learning!). I feel like i have really grown as an artist within the past few years. I am a little new to etsy."
So if your looking for something unique and fresh while shoping around this holiday season please stop on over and visit this colorful fun shop. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Etsy Shop !

I ran in to this shop in the etsy forums and it is just fantastic. has beautiful water color paintings with a unique variety of art for all taste. One of these beauties will look stunning in any home decor.

I had a chance to get a short bio from and this is what she said

"My etsy shop is called Dinosaurs Died of Boredom. There is a theory, called Paleoweltschmerz, which expresses a possible explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs. It claims that dinosaurs became so disillusioned with their ancient world that they died of boredom.

Creating the art in my shop are some of the things which keep that from happening to me!

I do watercolour / ink drawings of the famous and fictional.

With each painting I sell, I donate to the Kingston Animal Rescue: a volunteer-run, “no-kill” animal rescue group. "

So on top of this being a wonderful shop with awesome art to look at and buy she also donates to charity to make a difference in the world around us. So if you have a chance stop on by and take a look around

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Special Etsy Shop Feature!

Hi I just wanted to take a moment to spot light this fantastic etsy shop  who are doing their best to make a difference in the lives of a family that has battle with great loss.

I asked  for a short bio about what they do in their shop and what they stand for and here is what she said. "Support Breast Cancer Awareness (October 2010)

Kristi Lowery Lim lost her battle with breast cancer last summer mere months after being diagnosed. Kristi was a dear college friend of my husband and a fellow physical therapist. To honor Kristi, and support her family, my husband has set up college saving funds for her three young daughters. Nothing will replace the loss of their mother, but we hope to help them carry on with positive memories and a successful future.

100% of all sales go to 529 State College Investment funds for Kristi's three young daughters. Items listed in this shop are donated by other generous Etsy sellers.

This is our second year honoring Kristi. Last year we blew our $300 goal out of the water by raising $1,400. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support and love!

If you are an Etsy Artisan and interested in donating, please send me a convo!"

So please I know we all have our own daily hardships in life but if you could all take a moment and take a look into this shop  I know there will be three children that will be very greatful for even taking the time out of your day for them. :0)

the smallest splash can cause a tidle wave.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sweet little etsy shop!

This cute little shop I found on my twitter etsy thread the other day. She has a cute shop. I think here sachets are simply perfect for wedding gifts, baby shower gifts spa day packs for friends the gift giving option for these little beauties are endless. So take a moment and check out for that unique little something you’ve been looking for.
I have asked to send me a small bio about her and this is what she had to say. ”Years ago I wanted to open a little Bed and bath Boutique with beautiful things...My mother was lending a big helping hand in that direction, when she became ill and passed just 2 months later..I felt at the time I had to find a name for my shop and do this. Not being able to sleep, one early morning it hit me. Cleo Rose. My mother’s name was Rose and It was Cleo. She never liked the name "Cleo" so she did not use it. I was grown with children of my own before I knew this was her name. My aunt slipped, my mother got upset and I laughed and teased her for a long time. In addition, I think it was my mother who one early morning had helped me with this name. I could imagine her saying, “if it is good enough to tease me, then it is good enough to be your shop name". LOl The rest of the Cleo Rose Name for the shop I won't reveal. I was making designer pillows, but it cost a lot. All talent came from my mother and I give her total credit. The sachets came about from a sachet I gave to my mother many yrs ago. I sketched some ideas out. Some are still living just on the sketches for the moment. I tried hard to copy her silk flowers she made but I just did not quite have her talent. I finally, d├ębuted them on Valentine’s Day 2003 and they were an absolute hit. I was busy for the 3 days prior to Valentine’s Day, It was crazy but exciting!!


I am still working on getting my shop filled and working on new designs as well!!”