Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun family craft project.

I've got a great craft project that is fun for the whole family. Every one can get involved with this one.

I love to make my Pudgy Pals stuffed animals but I hate to waste the left over scraps of material that are to small. So I've been putting all my scraps into a bag hoping that some day I can find something to make out of them. Well now is the time.

On Thursday my mother in law two children and I sat down at the table and got to work. I told my boys that I would like to use the scraps to make little monsters. They were each given a piece of paper a pencil and and some crayons. I asked them to use their imaginations.

Once they were finished I got to work. I used the scrap material to make stuffed animals that resembled the pictures that they had drawn. I cut and hand sewed all the small details. Once I was finished with my step I then handed it over to my mother in law and she got to work. She took the cut out to the sewing machine and made magic. Once she had finished we all sat down in the sewing room and started stuffing our little creature. We used polyfill batting pieces.(the batting was left over from the blankets we make.)

It had taken us about two hours to make our first 2 monsters. Let me tell you it was worth the time. My boys were so proud of their monsters that they would not put them down for the rest of the night. They even took them to bed. My little one said that he was no longer afraid of monsters in his room because his own monster would protect him. How awesome is that?

Anything that gets my boys away from video games and makes them apart of a family project gets two thumbs up from me.

So if you would like to put your little ones imagination into high gear than try out this project. If your not good at sewing your self than you can check us out at ETSY. We take custom orders. You can send us a picture of your little ones monster and we will let you know if we can make it for you. Prices will very depending on size and difficulty.
The pictures shown above are just a few or the monsters that we have already made.

If you don't have an etsy account don't worry it's free and easy to sign up. Please let them know that lanakinbuddys referred you.

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