Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whats going on for the weekend.

The weekend is here again. I feel like the days are just flying by and with the upcoming winter I am going to have to make myself daily list to get everything accomplished.

This weekend I already have a list of things to do. Right now I am working on getting the material cut pinned and sewn on to three crochet baby blankets. I also have some new crochet baby hats and booties that I would like to see finished. I am really hoping to get pictures taken and edited for listing as well.

Thankfully I have no where but home to be this weekend so I should be able to work swiftly through my list.

I find it very taxing when you own your own craft business. Managing your time evenly between your craft and the computer tends to become a struggle. That's when my list comes in handy. Once that puppy is made I know that I have set a goal  for the projects that need to be ready for listing in my etsy shop during the week. ( I also have list to remind me not to forget everything else in life. lol)

I'm trying to get my self organized for the upcoming holiday rush in my shop. I have been stocking up on some items that were a popular seller last year. I am setting up a packaging station in my house so I can just leave my supplies all in one place. I am also going to pre-print all of the little coupon goodies and tags that I include in every package. It's important to get these things done before I'm in the middle of the mayhem.

I would love to here about what others are doing to get ready for the holiday season or drop in and let me know what your cooking up at home this weekend.

I will try to come back and get some pics posted of what my finished weekend projects look like. Hope you all have a great weekend and remember to take some time to play to.

Okay so here are a few of the things I got finished this weekend.

I finished a few more but didn't have time for pics. So untill next weekend then. hope everyone has a great week. :0)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Final Fantasy crochet Sephiroth doll.

I don't know if this is the same for most of you out there, but there seems to always be that one person that likes to put my crafting abilities to the test. For me it's my husband and then everyone else in my family.

This new craft project was a request from my husband for one of his best friends 3 year old daughter. She loves to here her dad tell her stories about Final Fantasy but in the end Cloud and Sephiroth are always friends. See Sephiroth is her favorite and she doesn't like to hear about the two fighting each other.

So I spent hours on the Internet trying to find a crochet pattern but to my dismay there isn't one. That means I had to improvise. This adorable little Sack Boy (little big planet) Sephiroth (Final Fantasy Seven) creation comes from a mix of patterns and visuals that I found on line.

I found this great tutorial on how to make a sack boy here at jellybean. She also has these tutorials on you tube where you can get a visual on how to construct these fabulous dolls. This is great but I still needed to find an idea on how to make and add the details of Sephiroth's costume.

I kept searching the Internet until I came across this website with an awesome example of a crochet Sephiroth doll. Here is the link. There is no pattern listed on this website. I used it because it helped to have something to reference so I could make sure that I was getting the look of him right.


(Disclaimer) *****And just to make this clear  I do *not* claim to have the rights to the character represented by my  doll.******

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What to wear to a wedding.

What do you do when the clothing stores just don't have what your looking for?

I had to go to a wedding this month for a friend of mine and I wanted to find a nice dress. I thought I would hit up my local mall and be done with the shopping but to my dismay I couldn't find anything elegant enough. Every store that I went in to was a flash back to the 80's. Don't get me wrong I like some of it but when your trying to dress nice for a formal evening neon colors just wont do neither will Jersey knit.

So to solve my dilemma I went home and emptied out my pattern drawer. Yes success! I found a great pattern with a very trendy style. Now off to the craft store to find fabric (and other fun goodies).

After spending some much enjoyed time at the craft store I found the right fabric in a gorgeous plum color and a stunning black lace to really add some glamor to the dress. I also picked up some black sequined stretch elastic and made a headband to go with the dress.

When in doubt my fellow crafty ladies make it yourself.

So here is what it looked like after three days of altering the pattern and sewing it all together.

I received a lot of complements while at the wedding and it was a perfect opportunity for me to hand out some of the new business cards that I had made. I think one of the best ways to promote your small handmade business is to find ways to use your stuff when you go out. I am always making small things for my self to wear when I'm running around town. Most of the time someone will want to know where you got something so unique and when you tell them that you made it yourself they are floored.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

CIJ PCFteam scavenger hunt.

For the month of July the PCFteam has put together this fantastic scavenger hunt stuffed to the gills full of prizes. There are 34 fabulous etsy shops that have each donated 2 prizes to the hunt. The rules are simple and easy to follow.

You can find all the details here

I myself am one of the shops included in this hunt and have donated a few goodies from my shop at . So if you love wining free stuff and love to shop around on etsy come play and join in the hunt.