Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween paper machete candy bowls.

I decided to try a fun new project for my sons to give to their teachers and principle this year for Halloween. It was simple and the paper machete bowls I made came out adorable.

The products I used to make them are as follows.

A bowl in the size desired

Plastic wrap

Pam nonstick cooking spray

Strips of newspaper and strips of printer copy paper for the outside layer.

Paint brush (any will do)

Modepodge glue or any glue desired

Paints and a clear sealing varnish

Strips of material for the outside layer of the mummy.

The first thing I did was pick out the bowl spray the outside of it with pam, and cover it in plastic wrap. I then sprayed the outside of the plastic wrap with pam. Next, I used my paintbrush to cover strips of newspaper with glue. I placed each strip in layers over the plastic wrap until every inch of the outside of the bowl was covered. Repeat this step until you have about five layers of newspaper on the bowl. For the last layer I used the printer copy paper to give it a stronger hold. When that was finished, I put it outside in the sun to dry for about 2 to 3 days.

Once the paper machete was dry I pealed it away from its base bowl. (It slid off easily because of the pam that was sprayed on it ahead of time.) I took of the plastic wrap and discarded it. Next, I used the paints to decorate, as I desired. This is the finished bowl.

                                                                  Jack Skelington



I took these to the school and gave them to the teachers and they loved them. They were a hit. So on a day when you have nothing to do give it a try and see how they come out.