Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Fantasy blanket

Last night my mother in-law and I made a Final Fantasy baby blanket. It came out great. I've been a little hesitant about quilting. I shouldn't doubt my self when it comes to crafting. It really wasn't hard at all.

Last week we bought this nifty little machine made by Simplicity. It's a rotary cutting machine. It saves so much time when making a quilt. I love it. next I am going to buy the bias tape machine.

Anyway This blanket featured in the picture above was made in one night. I got all my supplies at Joann Craft Store. I even bought this neat fabric paper that you can run through your printer. It will print anything you want onto a piece of fabric. Then you just cut it out and iron it to a fusible backing and sew it like a patch.

We Spent last night cutting the squares and bias. then just sewed, ironed, pinned and sewed some more. Then voila. It was done. I think my husbands friend is going to love it. They have had a thing about playing Final Fantasy video games since they were children. Now We can give them a custom baby gift that you can't buy in the store.

I definitely plain on making more custom photo quilts in all different sizes and styles. So if you like what you see in the picture than you can check out my etsy store to see if there is anything you like or to place a special order. Or become a follower on my blog and leave me a comment and a way to contact you. I will be happy to help anyone who has any questions about what I have written about.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


We do it all crochet, quilting, stuffed animals, and even jewelry. Now yo can check out all of our handmade gifts at our own web store. We've bearly just begun to start listing for sale the many crafts that we have made. We would love for you to come check us out and tell us what you think. Just click on the link above and it will take you straight to our shop.

Etsy is a great web site were you can buy or sell handmade or vintage items only. etsy is kind of like ebay but only for handmade items. So you don't have to compete with store bought items. Plus every thing you list for sale stays listed for 4 months at one low rate. You can post up to 5 pictures of your item and the cost to list will not change.
I found the etsy web site while surfing the Internet. I can honestly say that I am happy with how easy it was to get started with setting up my account and selling my items on line. They even offer you the ability to use paypal.

If you don't have a paypal account I would suggest you get one. Paypal is an easy safe way to buy and sell items on the Internet.

I hope you check out our new shop at etsy. If you sign up to buy or sell on etsy please let them know that we referred you our user name is lanakinbuddys. Thank you.

Above is a picture of one of the Pudgy pals we have listed.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get organized

For the last 2 days my mother in-law and I have been cleaning out our craft room. Man what a job.With there being two women in our household that make crafts, we've managed to accumulate a lot of different crafting items.

When we first started to clean out our spare bedroom we couldn't even walk in it. There were totes filled to the top with mixed crafts and materials. we spent hours sorting and labeling what things are.

We managed to completely organize our craft room. I am proud to say that we can now use our
sewing table to make stuff. We can actually find materials for the craft that we are working on.(instead of having to run to the craft store to buy a new one because the other is lost in the black hole.)

We have totes labeled for specific things like Halloween material, half finished crafts(that's a big one.), cross stitch, purse making, Holiday crafts, gift baskets, jewelry, yarn, and blanket material. These things are just some of the crafts that we like to work on. I have a huge bag of paper crafts for scrap booking. Sadly I don't even know how to scrapbook. I just bought all the stuff and shoved it in the black hole of a craft room.

So just a helpful little tip. Organize before you take your next trip to the craft store. You never know you might already have what your looking for at home. As a side benefit we now enjoy using are craft room to make crafts.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

free holloween crochet pattern

I was searching the web tonight and found a really great Halloween pattern. This pattern is located on a blog called the crochet dude. I find it intriguing to know that there are men out there that are just as into crocheting.

On his blog he has a lot of great patterns and ideas. He has a whole section with free crochet patterns that are easy and fun to make. If you love to crochet or know some one who does, than I strongly suggest checking his blog out. In my opinion, it is definitely worth it.

I plan to pick one of his patterns and start on it tomorrow. When I am done making it I will let you know how it came out. If you click on one of the links above and go to his blog, please come back here and let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

What to do with crochet blankets

I have a passion for crafts. One of my favorite past time activities is to crochet. Last year alone I made 23 crochet blankets. They came in various sizes and colors. I've spent countless late night hours on the couch watching t.v. Yes. I'll admit it, I'm a big couch potato. Yet while I sat there letting my mind wounder, my fingers stayed busy working on my latest crochet project. I believe that I have mastered the v-stitch and half Shell stitch. I can now make a full size blanket in 3 days. (Not bad for a late night couch potato). I even pick up my hook and start to work while I teach my kids their daily home school lessons.

One of the reasons I craft is because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I take pride in the things that I have made with my own two hands.

I'm not sure if any of you are like me but once I finish my project I can't wait to show it off to any one who will give me 2 seconds of their time. Now I have the problem of what to do with them once I've finished my blankets. My poor house is bursting at the seems from all my various craft projects. My soulution.....humm....give them as gifts. Unfortunately my friends and family now have all the blankets they can stand. So this started the wheels in my head turning.

My goal of this blog is to connect with people who share the same interest and enthusiasm for crafts as I do. In my future blogs I will be posting about how to make crafts, places to link to so you can find free and fun crafts for the whole family and ways to sell your crafts. I am a stay at home mom who is looking for a way to make a few dollars for the things that I have made. But more important than making money I really want to share my ideas with people and find out what they think of them. So if you have heard of any new fun projects that I can make or get my family involved in making let me know. You can subscribe to my blog, join as a follower and comment your ideas.