Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get organized

For the last 2 days my mother in-law and I have been cleaning out our craft room. Man what a job.With there being two women in our household that make crafts, we've managed to accumulate a lot of different crafting items.

When we first started to clean out our spare bedroom we couldn't even walk in it. There were totes filled to the top with mixed crafts and materials. we spent hours sorting and labeling what things are.

We managed to completely organize our craft room. I am proud to say that we can now use our
sewing table to make stuff. We can actually find materials for the craft that we are working on.(instead of having to run to the craft store to buy a new one because the other is lost in the black hole.)

We have totes labeled for specific things like Halloween material, half finished crafts(that's a big one.), cross stitch, purse making, Holiday crafts, gift baskets, jewelry, yarn, and blanket material. These things are just some of the crafts that we like to work on. I have a huge bag of paper crafts for scrap booking. Sadly I don't even know how to scrapbook. I just bought all the stuff and shoved it in the black hole of a craft room.

So just a helpful little tip. Organize before you take your next trip to the craft store. You never know you might already have what your looking for at home. As a side benefit we now enjoy using are craft room to make crafts.

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