Sunday, September 27, 2009

Great Etsy Shop CraftyCrocheting

I just LOVE crochet blankets. The time and patience it takes to make a crochet blanket depending on your experience can take weeks to months and even years. This is truly made from the heart. You can not buy this kind of beauty in the store.

I love how CraftyCrocheting was taught how to crochet by her mom. She says "When I quit work my mom and I decided to crochet for relaxation and when we got enough items we would do craft fairs which led to Etsy." There is nothing like a friendship between a child and mother. Just the hours spent building their business together is more precious than anything. Craftycrocheting says "I am in my forties with 4 children, two out of the house, two still here. It still feels like I am a empty nester." I can't even imagine how it will feel when my two children are grown up and out of the house.

This awesome crocheting mama makes sweet crochet quillows. (I haven't even figured out how to make these yet.) She has taught her self how to read the patterns and also make graph Afghans, mostly special orders right now. Below are some of her favorites that she has up in her shop right now. (My favorite in her shop is Heavenly Angel Yellow Pillowghan. It is such a pretty stitch.)So please click on her name anywhere in this post to be taken straight to her shop CraftyCrocheting

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Susie said...

This post is lovely. I have seen some of these afgans on AF chatterbox in items of the day. They really are exquisite and this coming from a lefty who never could be taught! Good luck on your sales!