Monday, September 28, 2009

Great Etsy Shop ginaphoto

This Etsy shop is filled with gorgeous photos. I am in aw over how amazing these shots are. This is art in a true form. To be able to find beauty in the most common things that surrounds us. That says a lot for this day and age, where most people walk through life with blinders on. Ginaphoto brings us back to simple and leaves us with a since of serenity.

Ginaphoto has given us a view in to her life. Here is a small bio about ginaphoto and what she does.

"I am a photographer in the Chicago area and have been shooting photos for the past 12 years. I enjoy looking at things with a different perspective and capturing them in a photo. I love taking pictures of Chicago itself.” These photos shown below are just a few of the great finds that ginaphoto has in her Etsy shop. Below each photo is a comment from ginaphoto with how she feels about each one.


"In this age of computers, you can pretty much do anything using Photoshop. But I still like to do things by hand, like coloring. This is a photo that has been hand colored."

"I like to fill the frame with textures, like this one"

"This is a unique perspective on the famous Marina Towers in Chicago."

If you are a lover of art I highly recommend grabbing up one of these extraordinary shots to keep in your home or office. If you are interested in going to ginaphoto's Etsy shop just click on her highlighted name anywhere in this post and it will take you straight there.

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