Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Everyone Should Know Brynnalex.

Who is Brynnalex you ask and why is it so important to me?

I opened my shop on Etsy about 2 months ago and have since been stalking the forums to find a great place to hang out. I have mentioned before in a previous blog about a great thread with awesome people in it, but one Etsy shop in particular caught my eye. (Brynnalex)

Brynnalex (Elaine) is a woman I admire on so many levels; her strength, heart, kindness and perseverance are just a few of her qualities.

Elaine's Etsy shop Brynnalex was not started as a way to make money off of the crafts she has made. It was started in remembrance of her only daughter. Brynn was a bright creative child who was taken too soon.

Brynnalex's Etsy shop is a donation store where other artist and fellow Etsians' have gathered our talents together in memory of Brynn Proctor Suddes and donated items to be sold to raise money for the annual bursary which is given to a student involved and excelling in either Fashion Design, Journalism or the Arts.

Brynn said "Follow your Dreams" and now that she is an angel we can all do are part to help her help others Follow their Dreams.

Please everyone who reads this take the time to visit the Etsy shop and tribute site listed below.

Sometimes in life we can get lost and feel so small and insignificant in this world and then someone comes along and we are touched and changed forever.
Today you are being given the opportunity to reach out and change someone else’s life forever.
I know that times our tuff but even the smallest ripple can become a huge wave.
Help keep Brynn's wishes going.

Let's change our children’s world for the better.


pleasurearts said...

It is so wonderful of you to do this lanakin! My heart is saddened by the tragic loss but I am touched that you are helping Brynnalex with her shop and the tribute site! God bless!

SmileyMoo said...

(hugs) to everyone who has suffered a loss

Anonymous said...

Hi there..
I posted something similar on my is great to see all these people with such big hearts...