Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pleasurearts’ Great Shops List BNS

What is a BNS you might ask?

A BNS is a thread on the Etsy promotions forum. If you are a seller on Etsy you can go to this thread, pick a great shop from the list, buy an item and post your transaction on the thread. Then one of us list managers will add your shop name to the thread where you will remain on the list as long as you check in regularly (once every other day) and help promote the thread. There is no minimum amount that you have to spend to buy on.

Becoming an active member on a forum thread on Etsy is a great way to meet other shop owners and generate business for your shop. I personally have chosen Pleasurearts’ Great Shops List BNS to join and have found that the other shop owners here are wonderful. They do their best to help bring in sales for everyone by promoting one another and making terrific treasuries. This has been a great experience for me and I recommend other shop owners on Etsy to take some time and prowl the forums and try to get to know other sellers. It is worth the time spent.

If you are not a shop owner on Etsy but you are shoping around to find that perfect gift for someone please feel free to take a look at the list of fantastic Etsy shops that I have provided below.
If you would like to join this great BNS I have provided a list of shops below that participate. Once you make a purchase from any of these shops below you can then go to this thread and post your transaction to be added on to the list.

Pleasurearts’ Great Shops List BNS

♥Come and join us!♥

-Buy from any shops on this current list.
-Post your transaction here and your name will be added on to the list.
-Come and post on the thread (check in) to stay on the list.
-Promote your shop, new items, deals, sales, etc.
-Chat, have fun, promote each other!

1. pleasurearts.etsy.com Great price jewelry to support charities!
2. BeadingByBawissa.etsy.com Beaded items: ornaments, pens and jewelry
3. belladonnabeads.etsy.com Fun, bright, unique jewellery!
4. yarndeb.etsy.com Needlecraft
5. wigglysee.etsy.com Crocheted stuffed toys
6. ToBoldlyFold.etsy.com Soft cover leather sketchbooks and journals
7. funnyfuser.etsy.com Fused glass, specializing in barrettes
8. NoStoneTurned.etsy.com Fine art photographs
9. katker.etsy.com OOAK Bloomin' Button Jewelry; OOAK Swarovski Jewelry
10. BabyNest.etsy.com Scarves,Baskets,Coasters,Pin Cushions,Hair Jewelry
11. FirstLightGlass.etsy.com Fused glass jewelry, art and home decor
12. rttinytreasures.etsy.com Paintings in a variety of mediums and prints
13. thefaerieglen.etsy.com A variety of items!
14. themosyscrapper03.etsy.com Jewelry, scrapbook tags, buttons, cards, etc.
15. cowgirlcrysi.etsy.com One of a kind crochet pieces and custom work
16. maddy7.etsy.com Stained Glass Studio featuring nightlights, suncatchers, panels
17. lanakinbuddys.etsy.com Stuffed animals, blankets, purses and scarves
18. StrawberryTopsSpa.etsy.com Beauty and spa products
19. LaughingFridge.etsy.com OOAK fun, funky, whimsical Art Magnets
20. theyellowhobbit.etsy.com Handspun yarn,handpainted yarn and roving
21. YourTime.etsy.com Wire wrapped jewelry, vintage and supplies.
22. Kritterluver.etsy.com Candles and jewelry


List Managers



Pleasurearts Buy and Replace
Please take a moment to vist each shop and see what great buys they have to offer.
These are just a few of the great items you will find in these shops.
Pleasurearts.etsy.com                                                       babynest.etsy.com

belladonnabeads.etsy.com                                                lanakinbuddys.etsy.com

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laughingfridge said...

Thanks for the promo blog feature! I agree, these shop owners are great and this BNS is the best!