Saturday, October 17, 2009

Great Etsy Shop terrasecrets

I found a great thread on Etsy. With lots of wonderful insightful people all coming together to help each other out. I was very happy to join this online community started by Enyaeire. Who is an upbeat wonderful crafter on Etsy. She opens a new thread in the forum each morning and works with a great team to update and add new shops to the list throughout the day. Even smileymoo who I have bloged about in a previous Great Etsy Shop feature is a list manager. So if you are a shop on Etsy or you just like to shop on Etsy than please take the time and come see what this great thread is all about.

While I was visiting the shops on her list I came across terrasecrets who specialize in spa and beauty items. I poked around in terrasecrets shop for a while and was happy to find a few treats I could purchase.

I decided to buy her peppermint foot soak and a strawberry smoothie lip balm. I am so happy that I did.

When the package arrived it was wrapped in tissue, tied with a thank you note and contained not only my purchase but a sample pack as well. I love the lip balm and foot soak by the way. The scents contained with in the package smelled so great and filled the room.

I am happy to report that if you are looking for spa and beauty gifts then look no further and click on terrasecrets highlighted name anywhere in this post to and pick up one of these fantastic items from her shop. You won’t be disappointed.

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Steffi said...

That sounds so awesome!! :)