Wednesday, December 30, 2009

You have got to hear this Indie Musician

I have had one hell of a night trying to figure some stuff out about loading an MP3 player to my blog. Sadly I cannot figure it out. I now know how to put the mp3 player on as a widget but I can't get it to play the music I want. URRRRRRRRRRRRRRR so frustrating. I hate HTML codes.

So here is the deal I know an Indie musician and I wanted to feature his music here on my blog. I purchased and downloaded one of his songs to my computer but it seem like the only way to load it to an MP3 widget is to upload it back onto the internet and create a URL for it. I can't do that because of copyrights and I don't want to put his music out there for just anyone to grab up and use for "Whatever" they might want to do with it.

So what I am doing for now is leaving you all with a picture of the album cover and a few links within this post to Rmusic where his songs are listed for purchase. you can just click on any of the words that I have highlighted in this post to take you to Rmusic where you can listen to and download his amazing music.

I have also created a button on the left side of my blog that if clicked on it will take you straight to his music on the web. I will be back in the future to blog about Feldman and Wood's music when I get this darn MP3 thing figured out. In the mean time have a look at what the sound like by clicking here!!!

If there is anyone out there who knows how to fix my problem please let me know. I'm pulling my hair out here. =0)

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pleasurearts said...

cool music, I love the girl of a new age so much! wish I could help you with how to make the mp3 work on your blog.