Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lost but Found

Sorry everyone but I have had a hell of a month and things around my house got a little crazy. So I strayed from my blogging, Etsy and Twitter for a bit. I dropped off the Etsy forums and disappeared for a month, but now I am found. I am going to try and take some time every day to blog a little and work on my internet business in between the teaching and packing that I must do daily.

My Christmas was great. I had my family over for presents and dinner. I was excited to give my mom her family cook book that I made. She cried which shows that she loved it and all the hours of work were well spent.

I've spent the rest of my weekend sleeping, reading, playing with the kids and watching movies. It was a nice way to recover after being sick for over a week. The fun is over now and it's back to work and promoting my work as well. I hope to have a new giveaway to post up on here for Valentine’s Day. If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like me to have for my giveaway please post it here.

Tomorrow I will be on to blog about one of the great Etsy shops I bought some of my Christmas presents from this year.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and resting well.

1 comment:

miracle1953 said...

I Adore You !!!

I Love My New Cookbook !!!

Your Thoughtfulness Is Beyond Words !!!

Love You To Infinity And Beyond..... !!!

:) :) :) MOM :) :) :)