Monday, December 28, 2009

Amigurumi Fun

I was planning on blogging today about some of the great Etsy shops that I have found while doing my x-mass shopping, but I started on a new project and got completely lost in it.

I thought I would try my hand at amigurumi's and found that they are a lot of fun to make and they came out so cute. I found a cool blog that has all these free patterns to use. So I went to town on making a few of them.

So here is some photos of my finished products. Hope you all like. I think maybe in the future I might open up another web store just for all of my crocheting. Until then I'm just going to have some fun getting crafty.

Brid rattle                                                                     Hippo

Please check out this other great Etsy store that sells adorable amigurumi's.


pleasurearts said...

ooohh, love the cute hippo so much! I wish if I tried my hand at something the first time, it would come out as great as yours! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey you.. i was just thinking of you! I need an accomplice! heheheh.. when you get a minute send me a convo through etsy...


Nevita said...

The hippo is great :)
I met your blog on etsy community and I follow you, here is mine: