Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ilikeetsy and other helpful etsy marketing tips.

I have been working lately on building up my facebook marketing and I just wanted to share a few helpful tips with everyone.

There are many articles on the web that give instructions and how to's when it comes to building your fan base on facebook and I have tried many ( with not much outcome). Recently I ran across a post on an etsy team thread about a new website called Ilikeetsy.

Ilikeetsy is a place where for a small $5.00 fee you can purchase ad space.  Once you pay this fee your ad space will forever be posted on their web page. This web page is built specifically for gaining facebook likes. It's fairly new with only a few hundred signed up but in the last three days since I joined I have already gained over 60 new fans.

The goal is to fave as many other ads as you like. The more you like the higher up you move on the ad space time line. It is very simple. I myself like the other facebook ads that relate to my industry and other things that I am interested in. I am not obligated to like anyone if I do not want to.

I would love to hear your feedback about Ilikeetsy website so please leave me your comments.

here is the link to Ilikeetsy

Here is a link to a great etsy team who deal with facebook marketing. There are a lot of helpful tips on this team.

and here is my facebook page where I give out special coupon codes for fans and host awesome giveaways.

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