Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creative Etsy Shop !

I ran in to this shop in the etsy forums and it is just fantastic. has beautiful water color paintings with a unique variety of art for all taste. One of these beauties will look stunning in any home decor.

I had a chance to get a short bio from and this is what she said

"My etsy shop is called Dinosaurs Died of Boredom. There is a theory, called Paleoweltschmerz, which expresses a possible explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs. It claims that dinosaurs became so disillusioned with their ancient world that they died of boredom.

Creating the art in my shop are some of the things which keep that from happening to me!

I do watercolour / ink drawings of the famous and fictional.

With each painting I sell, I donate to the Kingston Animal Rescue: a volunteer-run, “no-kill” animal rescue group. "

So on top of this being a wonderful shop with awesome art to look at and buy she also donates to charity to make a difference in the world around us. So if you have a chance stop on by and take a look around

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